Day 7
Location: Reno, NV
Resorts: 5 out of 50

“You know another use for a dead body? You can keep it in your closet and then dress it up in your clothes like a mannequin.”
—Our Reno taxi cab driver

After five days straight of riding Utah, we crossed the desert and ended up in in Reno, Nevada. A few lessons learned in the Biggest Little City in the World:

  • Downtown Reno is like the sketchy meth-head little brother of Las Vegas.
  • If you need a fourth for the shot ski, pretty much any one in Reno will jump on board.
  • You can get a $25 dollar hotel room at the Sands.
  • That room includes a coupon for $10 off your next stay.
  • If it’s called “bottomless spaghetti dinner” you don’t have to eat yourself sick.
  • Pai Gow is about the slowest game at the casino. For every ten hands, you win one, lose one, and tie the other eight. This means you can sit at a table with twenty dollars for about an hour and get loads of free drinks.

Reno is our kind of town. There’s deals everywhere from food to gear to lodging to entertainment. It’s where The Snow Junkies go to unwind during our Tahoe adventure. Here are just a few of our favorite things in Reno: