Day 11
Location: Wrightwood, CA
Resorts: 7 out of 50

The reports were everywhere. On the radio. On the Internet. On the TV news. Storms were lining up off the coast of California. One right after the other. One guy claimed that Tahoe would get ten feet. Ten feet? Finally! This is what we live for. We made plans to head north immediately. On our way out of LA, we decided to swing by Mountain High for a few quick Sunday morning turns.

The drive up to Mt. High (the closest ski hill to LA) was a breeze compared to Bear. It’s situated about ten miles off I-15 with very little mountain driving.  We arrived mid morning, swung the Mystery Machine into an already crowded parking lot, and put on some sunscreen.

Mt High has two main areas- East Mountain and West Mountain. There are no connecting trails or lifts between the two peaks, but there is a shuttle that will take you back and forth. We enjoyed Mountain East with its long steeper groomed runs, but the majority of the crowd seem to prefer the plethora of jib parks at West. There’s also a nice area at the top of Mountain East dedicated to beginners.

The day went like this: Hit the lifts on Mt. West around 10am, bussed back to the RV at East at noon for some some bacon and cheese flavored crickets that Coco picked up at a local gas station. We enjoyed a couple of Keystone Lights with our buddy Sean, hit Mountain East lifts for a few runs, and finished the day at the lodge pub for football and beers.

Wet snow was falling in the parking lot as we boarded the Mystery Machine. Time to get to Tahoe.


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The Cheat Sheet:

Mountain High
24510 State Highway 2
Wrightwood, CA
Big Bear Trail Map

Mountain High Trail Map