Starting on January 8th, 2010, The Snow Junkies will embark on an epic journey of dirtbag proportions. We’re getting a hold of an RV, quitting our jobs, and hitting the open road.

Our mission: 50 different ski areas in 100 days.

Why? We love roadtrips and we love powder. Our journey kicks off in Utah. Then it’s off to California, Oregon, Washington, and Canada. Along the way, we’re going to be digging up the best ticket deals, the cheapest places to crash, and where to throw back a drink or three.

100 Days of Winter. Coming Soon to A Couch Near You.

[UPDATE 2015] 
Wow. Even five years later this trip remains one of my favorite adventures. To celebrate the anniversary, 100 Days of Winter has been relaunched with a new theme featuring even bigger photos and previously unreleased material.