It’s been a difficult season for snow, but it’s been even tougher for small ski areas like Bachledova. Tucked into the heights of the Tatra Mountains just 30 or so minutes from the Polish border, this is an ideal family ski hill — when there is snow. Like others in the region, they are suffering as I saw on a rainy March morning.

Even with the near constant drizzle, I just adore it up here. Unlike the frontside of the Slovakia Tatra Mountains, it’s more mellow in the nearby village of Zdiar where I’m staying, but not any less scenic. Bachledova is a supremely family friendly mountain with a nice collection of wide runs. I just wish there was more snow. Behold, my single photo! (my general attitude during a rain storm has not been inspirational today).

On an important note, the rain means that somewhere much higher, there might be snow, and I’m on a mission to track down the last big mountain in the region.  You would think that that two winter capital cities (Poprad in Slovakia and Zakopane in Poland) would be well connected, but this being Eastern Europe, they have zero connections between the two.

The plan is take a bus to Zadier (check!), spend two nights at the excellent Ginger Monkey Hostel (check!), ski one day at Bachledova (check!), take another bus to the border, walk into Poland, and then, and I’m quoting here, “stand on the side of the road and wave down a mini-bus”. When I ask about schedules, there’s lots of general laughter.

As always, never a dull moment out here. Off to find some snow!