Here are a few of The Snow Junkies team that will be a part of 100 Days of Winter.

Meet The Crew
vitopic Name: Vito Valentinetti
Title: Chief Snow Junkie/Editor
Side Job: Mobile Marketing Tour Manager
Home Mountain: Mad River Glen, VT/ Big Sky, MT
Big Sky 587 Name: Katie “Coco” Mendez
Title: Lifestyle Editor
Side Job: Reporting for our sister site – Music Festival Junkies
Home Mountain: Sunrise, AZ
IMG_2423 Name:┬áJason “The Snooze” Snusz
Title: Wildcard
Side Job: No comment
Home Mountain: No comment
100daysimg7 Name: Sundance Carson
Title: Staff Photographer
Side Job: Fly Fishing Guide
Home Mountain: Big Sky, MT
IMG_6787cut Name: Babe Ruthless & Smashley
Title: Marketing Interns
Side Job: Selling fireworks